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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and ‘appearance’ lies in the mind of the observer.  The latter is playing an increasingly important role in nearly all of our buying decisions: it informs us as to the quality of an automobile cabin, the desirability of an iPhone, the taste of cheesecake, the handle of a woollen sweater, the durability of a shagpile carpet, the freshness of a cut of meat, the genuineness of a glass of orange juice – the list is endless …

Given the continuing and exponential rise in internet commerce and the associated ubiquity of smart devices (over half a million Android handsets are being activated each day) the ability to be able to predict buyers’ perceptions formed from interaction with digital media is  as important, if not more important, from those obtained by handling the real article.

Thus the science of appearance metrology is becoming increasingly critical. It concerns the development of methodologies, procedures and sensing equipment that allow us to predict observers’ perceptions derived from both physical and digital sensory input. The field is therefore highly multidisciplinary: requiring skills ranging from physical measurement, psychophysics, digital media generation, signal/image processing, through to statistics, and vision science.



Originally focused on the perception of texture and translucency and particularly gloss, and colour we wish to extend the conference to include other senses not just sight (e.g. how does sound affect our perception of the qualities of a fabric) and to emotive as well as objective qualities (e.g. desirability and engagement) and to digital as well and physical media.


Call For Papers

This conference addresses appearance in its broadest sense and seeks to be truly cross-disciplinary. Papers related, but not restricted to the following are welcomed:

  • Prediction and measurement of human perceptions formed by sensory input of the physical and digital worlds
  • New methods for estimating psychometric transfer functions
  • Methods for measuring perceived texture, translucency and form.
  • Effects of lighting and other environmental factors on perception
  • Effects of binocular viewing, motion parallax, and depth from focus
  • Methods for measuring engagement and emotions such as desirability
  • Effects of other sensory input (e.g. audio, smell, touch)
  • Effects of user control of media
  • Colour fidelity, colour harmony, colour and emotion
  • Methods for measuring inferred qualities including expensiveness, quality, wearability etc
  • Techniques for encouraging and facilitating observer participation (design games, gamification of experiments, crowd msourcing etc.)
  • Saliency


Format of submissions

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract of two pages in English, formatted per with the ACM publications format ( download the template ) as a PDF file. This abstract may include up to two further optional pages of figures/diagrams. Note: These does not preclude use of diagrams or figures in the first two pages. Papers should be submitted via the conference easyChair ( ).

Before submitting your PDF to easychair:

  1. Please remove author names or affiliations from your PDF submission (anonymous peer review) but please do leave enough space on the paper for these information to be added later if the paper is accepted.
  2. The ACM publication format includes a conference identifier at the bottom of the left column on page one. Please remove all copyright and permissions text and just add the following line in the space: Predicting Perceptions 2012, The 3rd International Conference on Appearance, April 17 – 19, 2012, Edinburgh, UK.
  3. Please follow the instructions below for easychair if you have not used it before.


Copyright will reside with authors. Accepted abstracts will be published on the conference website and in proceedings.


For further information, please contact the Programme Chairs at

Important Dates

  • 5 Jan 2012: final papers submission deadline
  • 11 Jan 2012: allocation to reviewers
  • 1 Feb 2012: review upload deadline
  • 8 Feb 2012: notification of acceptance
  • 17-19 April 2012: conference


Instructions to authors about easychair

If you get lost using easychair, these are the steps:

  1. Follow the link to easy chair ( ).
  2. Please register first to easy chair if you have not done it already.
  3. Login to easy chair using the conference link.
  4. Click on the perceptions2012 link (authors).
  5. On the top menu click on ‘New Submissions’.
  6. Please fill out all the information about the authors.
  7. Add the title of the paper.
  8. Add your abstract ( same as paper. It helps reviewers bid for your paper ).
  9. Add keywords ( same as paper ).
  10. Upload your paper as a PDF.
  11. If you wish you can also upload other attachment like videos or sound ( we will publish them online ).
  12. Click ‘submit’.
  13. Your paper submission should appear on your easychair account.
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  15. You can edit your details or resubmit your paper using easychair if required.