Welcome to the website for Predicting Perceptions: the 3rd International Conference on Appearance. It follows on from the highly successful cross-disciplinary conferences in Ghent and Paris that attracted 120 and 150 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds.

This year we aim to broaden the scope of the conference:

a)  to include measurement and prediction of perceptions derived from all sensing modalities (not just sight)

b)  to widen the range of ‘perceptions’ considered from the established properties of colour, gloss, texture, and translucency to include more emotive considerations such as engagement, perceived worth and quality; and

c)  to emphasise that, due to the increasing role played by the Digital Economy, digital media is an important stimuli in its own right.

We very much hope you will enjoy the conference in Easter 2012.

Best wishes
Mike Chantler, Julie Harris and Mike Pointer





Future Updates:

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